Hello all,
I am writing to notify you that like many parents my family and I have made the extremely difficult decision to keep our children off school from Tuesday 24th March 2020 amid this COVID-19 outbreak and advice from the school moving to online platforms. As such this means that I will be completing less face to face visits during this difficult time however am willing to be flexible and offer online or phone consultations as well as home programs. I will continue to be able to provide home visits on a case by case scenario as time permits around educating and caring for my children and my husband’s work however these will also be reduced.
I will be contacting each of the clients I see regularly on an individual basis however please allow me time as I work on my own and my husband will remain working full time. I am a sole trader and like many other small businesses this will be a difficult time to manage. I consider my clients my extended family so am there for all of you so please email me or call me with any questions or concerns and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
In order to keep my family and I safe and well and reduce the risk to those clients that are particularly vulnerable that I need to keep seeing I will be ceasing school and daycare visits from 24th March 2020.
Again please contact me with any questions or concerns and let’s all hope this situation recovers very quickly and we can all get back to our normal lives. My thoughts are with you all and hope you stay safe and well,
Kind Regards,
Michelle Jewell
Occupational Therapist / Director

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