Helping people shine in their everyday lives!

Established in 2016 Shine Therapy Services is an Occupational Therapy practice dedicated to helping all people to shine in their every day lives and achieve their own up-most potential.

We provide occupational therapy services to people of all ages and all abilities. We aim to assist people to engage in activities they do on a daily basis including at home, school, work, sport, socialising and accessing the community. As occupational therapists we do this by helping people to engage and participate in these activities effectively by learning new skills to make things easier and learn new strategies to get along and interact with others. We also might look at assistive equipment, adaptations and modifications to the home and environment to assist in their ability to engage and participate in activities of daily living or interacting with others.

We are passionate about each person and their family being individual and unique and tailor support accordingly. We believe in providing support to people and their families within the natural context and their everyday lives. We offer a mobile and clinic based service to suit most people’s needs.

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